Denmark…….. and a new day at the World Championships

After watching Denmark being outplayed by CZE yesterday it is obvious that the Danish Team is not good enough too be able to play at the level were the CZE:s are in this tournament. Missing Key Players is hard for a small hockey Nation like Denmark. Although I will give my respect to the Danish Players that works and tries hard every shift. Some of the young players have potential but still needs some years to reach the level.

Kirill Starkov – who has signed for Rögle BK in Sweden – was defenitely one of the poorest players again. If he’s not better than this he will not take a spot in Rögles Team this winter, that I’m sure about. Sorry for Kirill and sorry for Rögle BK.

Denmark played very defensive but one must understand that in a game were they had to keep the score down. Hopefulla they can show some offensive qualities when they need it vs the Teams that they can compete against. I wish them all the best – keep up the good job!

Yesterday and today I’ve been working hard at my Computer with plans, organisation etc, etc for LHC U. A good thing to be on events like this is that you meet many, many interesting Hockey people that gives good “food for thoughs” and new ideas to bring home.

Just to mention some from yesterday: Anders Hedberg, Kevin Maxwell, Gene Reilly and Szymon Szemberg. VERY interesting talking regarding planning, organisation etc, etc and – of course – some historical anecdots. Mr Szemberg knows everything from the history books of Ice Hockey.

After having taken a good dinner at the Rink I took a  walk to check out if I could find any Gym to use for the rest of the week. I found a nice one close to the Arena and I will go there this afternoon. The walk took me app. 1 hour so with tired legs and a sour back I had no problems to fall asleep.

Now I’ve been working here since 7.30 this morning so it is time to prepare for some Work Out att the Gym.  Today I will try to catch a bus. Hopefully the right bus. I’ve travelled with the local buses twice so far but both times has been the wrong direction. That has ment long walks both times so it makes me keep in shape…………

Todays work out program will be 20-25 minutes Rowing Machine. After that Cleans, Pull ups, Bench Press, Sit-ups and – maybe – some shoulder press and one extra drill – it depends on the “body signals”…. A little stretch and then to the Rink for at least one game.

They have just given us seats to the first game; SLO vs GER. The next game – SLK vs RUS – is probobly sold out so the seats are busy Although having the Accreditation will give entrance and then I will try to find a spot were it is possible to watch the game. Maybe the old trick “look as if you are an important person” will make me get a chance to come in somewhere. Otherwise I can always get back to the Hotel and to the computer for more work…………………….

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