Summer in Ice Hockey

Well, the summer is going on and for an Ice Hockey man it is the hardest period in some ways. I must say that I miss the pulse. In the games, the practices, in the dressing room and on the stands.

Right now I’m planning for the Summer Hockey School in Linköping – Linköping Sommarhockey. I’m the “Head Master” and I know that the most important details for a Hockey School is to find good Head Coaches. We have that – Anders Ottosson, Tim Brithén, Urban Lang, Rauno Suokko, Patrik Rosén, Patrik Norrlund, Jens Brändström, Bo Ekmark and, of course, a good Goalie Coach. We have the best: Nizze Landén.

I’m looking forward to three great weeks – 30, 31 and 32 – with a lot of practice, teaching, games etc, etc and – most of all – A LOT OF FUN!


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