Welcome to my Ice Hockey World

From today you can blog with me here.

Comments, questions, advises etc, etc is more than welcome.

You should realize that I will answer you in my own words, with my own opinion, no matter what. So be ready to get the answers you deserve.

The more complicated your qestion are the more I feel it will be a challenge to answer.

My philosofy for Ice Hockey is:

Cooperation and education develops – Practise intelligent – Play the game offensive but smart – Give all you got for the Team.

In my philosofy details are important and something that we all can be better to teach. It is the details that many, many times is the diffrence between winning or not, develop or not.

I’m looking forward to this blog adventure.

About admin

International Ice Hockey Coach. Born 1956 Married "In good shape"
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  1. Barbro says:

    Good to see that you finally have started a blog about ice-hockey.

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